At Batten Legal, we believe that planning for the future is essential to living a fuller life. We understand that discussing topics such as incapacity or death is difficult, and that is why we are most passionate about assisting clients in this area. Our attorneys are attentive to each client's needs. We work diligently to make sure our clients are comfortable and understand the legal importance of each document they execute.

If someone dies without a Will, the court will determine who shall receive their property and what property each beneficiary will receive through the laws of intestate succession. In order to give our clients the power our attorneys draft Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives (or "Living Wills") to ensure your family will be taken care of. We also draft trusts for children and family members with special needs.

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament allows a Testator (the person executing the Will) to state who shall receive their property upon their death. This property includes tangible personal property, such as household furnishings, objects of art, jewelry, etc.; intangible property, such as bank accounts, stocks, and bonds; and real property, such as home residences and/or vacation homes.


Through the execution of a Will, the Testator can also appoint an Executor to carry out their wishes and a Trustee or Guardian for any minor children named as beneficiaries under the Will. Our attorneys work to customize these documents to provide clients with either simple or complex Wills based on their needs.

Financial Power of Attorney

Our attorneys draft Financial Powers of Attorney which allow clients to nominate an Agent to carry out a variety of business and financial transactions on their behalf. This document is extremely helpful in the event someone is incapacitated or unable to carry out their financial affairs. 

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Healthcare Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives, or "Living Wills," allow clients to nominate an Agent to make decisions on their behalf regarding their health care. Advance Directives, which are the same as Living Wills, allow the client to choose which life-prolonging measures they would or would not like to have implemented.

​These documents are useful because they can help prevent family disputes and ease the pressure of relying on one family member to make tough health care decisions on your behalf.

Our attorneys will explain what each document means and what effect they will have immediately or after death to ensure the client's wishes will be properly carried out. Our goal is that our clients leave our office with peace of mind.